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The world is running on the internet today. Now a day IT-based companies are the business kings all over the world. The main center point of the internet is the website. All these websites contain a lot of necessary data. Every day we have to visit different types of websites for various types of information. And all the websites run on the domain and hosting. Domain and hosting are the important part of the internet. In the race with others, CreativeTechzone is not also lag behind in this regard. We have been providing the world-class domain and hosting service. We have the fastest server that stays 99% uptime. The loading time of your website will be very fast if you use our hosting. And the faster the loading time is, the more the chances of quick ranking on Google and Alexa and other search engines. Besides, this the users will also feel better surfing your website. That is why a good quality hosting is very much necessary for the website. So purchasing the low quality hosting with a low price is something like digging your grave by your own. This fact is also applicable to domain too. That is why we are recommending you not to buy the domain or hosting from so-called organizations. And use the best domain and hosting that you will get from us. You just dare to get your domain and hosting from us once and then you will understand what are the specialty of our domain and hosting. The website is yours but keeping your site up is our responsibility. You can leave the responsibility on us to keep your website live and keep yourself free for your other important task. Before taking our service we are providing you some more information about domain and hosting. So let us get into the details about domain and hosting. After viewing all the information and understanding those you are welcome to take our domain and hosting services.


Many of us do not know what is a domain and how does It works for what are the purposes of a domain. The technical fact is quite tough to understand for those who do not know about the domain. Here I am providing you information about the domain with the simple words avoiding all those technical words. Suppose you want to buy a house and the house must contain a plot number or something like this. This number is your unique address. This indicates the location of your house. After purchasing the land, you will own the plot number. Please notice here every house has specific unique plot number. In the same thing is applicable to the domain also. Before purchasing a domain you need to find out whether anyone has bought the domain or not. If the domain is on the available list then you can buy it. Every website has a unique address. A domain contains three parts. The first part is www that means World Wide Web. After this the next part is your selected name, for example, creativetechzone is our selected name. At the final part, it is domain extension. Domain extension has lots of variations like .com, .net, .info,, .me, .ty, .gov etc.


We have been providing all types of services related to domain and hosting. You will get all sort of services including domain registration, domain renews, domain transfer etc. from us. Let spare a moment here to see our total service pack at a glance.

  • .com domain registration

  • .net domain registration

  • .org domain registration

  • .info domain registration

  • .me domain registration

  • .tv domain registration

  • domain registration

  • Bangla name domain registration

  • Domain renew

  • Domain transfer

  • Domain parking


We have mentioned some of the features of our domain service here. It will let you take your decision easily whether you are going to take our service or not.

  • Security: your domain will remain safe forever if you order your domain from us. No one from the outside can be able to access your domain.

  • Unlock: we do not make customers bound like other service providers to take services from us locking the domain. If you do not like our service you can further renew your domain after the current expiration date.

  • Transferability: As per your requirement and convenience you can transfer your domain anytime. Again if you want you can transfer your domain from other service providers to us.

  • Easy to manage

  • Personal dashboard


Let us go back to that house again. Suppose you have given some advance money for getting your plot number to make your house. Now it requires a land to build your house. So you will buy your land according to your planning size requirement of the house. This planning size of the land is your hosting. As you will build your house with bricks and cement to your purchased land, in the same way, you can store your files to the hosting. So in the simple words, the space you need to buy to store your files on your website on the internet is your hosting. Now we hope you are clear about the matter. In case of your house, as people can find your house searching with the house number or plot number, in the same way, people can view the files of your site searching with the domain URL. As a house can be small or big, in the similar way the hosting can vary. Someone prefers to take 1 GB. and others prefer to take 100 GB. How much the amount would be for a hosting depends on the size of the data and the future pressure of the site. So now let see the full package of our hosting service here.


We provide all types of hosting services. You just need to view here which service you are in need of.

  • Shared hosting

  • Dedicated hosting

  • SSL hosting

  • Cloud hosting

  • Webmail service

  • Auto mail responder


You will be clearly understood why you should use our services after viewing our hosting features. Let have a look at the features of the service.

  • Dedicated server

  • Fast loading

  • 99% uptime

  • 24/7 support

  • No disturbance of spamming from the server

  • Nonstop service

  • No unjustified account suspension

We hope your thinking about domain and hosting is clear now. And you also understand what types of services we provide. You may need a domain and hosting for many purposes. So if you are in need of this service then you can try us.

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