Graphic Design

Besides the content, another important part of digital marketing is the graphic design. A piece of writing becomes more vivacious with the touch of the graphic design. Content without design is just a river without water which has no beauty. You can present the website layout, email template, product image etc. attractively with graphic design. If anything is beautiful to look at then everybody will be willing to view that steadfast. If the user interface is not good then the user will skip your page quickly. The use of graphic design on the internet is everywhere. You will find the touch of graphic design everywhere like logo design, web design, photo editing, visiting card design, banner design, festoon design, leaflet design and so on. Graphic design is important for both online and offline business in a similar way. Creativity is a must for graphic design. The experienced graphic designers of CreativeTechzone will stand on the front line in graphic design. They have been designing for a long with a reputation for graphic design task. They are always vigilant in presenting your product attractively to the customers. Come to us without any hesitation if you need any type of service regarding graphic design. We are ready to give our best for you.


We do almost every type of graphics. However, here are some features for you and have a look at those.


Though it requires only 4 letters to make the word logo but the value, necessity, and effectiveness of a logo cannot be even described in 4 lakhs words. A logo reflects the nature of product, service, mission, vision etc. of a business or a brand. People can guess about the business or service type seeing the logo. The logo represents your total business. That is why no one should take it for granted in the logo design. A logo is the symbol of a business or a brand. The logo should be unique, creative and dazzling. In graphics logo design is one of the toughest tasks. A logo designed by a so-called designer will bring the negative impression to your business or brand. We help our best to design a good logo for our customers. Our creative and experienced designers can make unique, creative, color matching attractive logo with shadow or symbol you want. With our beautiful logo, the brand value of your business will increase. If you need any logo for your business or brand or website just contact us to get the best.


It would not give you the comfortable feel when you are eating in a delicious dish sitting in the mud, right? Your answer must be yes because the sitting place is not good. The same is also applicable to the website. If the layout design of the website is not good then it is quite impossible to attract visitors no matter how good or enriched your contents are. So you should make your layout design attractive as well as the quality contents to hold the visitors in your site. If the design attracts the user then they become satisfied surfing that and spend more time on the site. Visitors are the heart of the website so you need good design to keep that heat alive. We have wide experience in designing website layout, website page etc. we design professionally and with our best effort for making the site creative and lively. You can view the live preview of the website before making. So give the responsibilities on us to design your website and keep yourself tension free.


Photo editing normally means enhancing the beauty of a photo by editing it. It is necessary to edit photos nowadays for banner, ads, product photo, wedding photo, event photo etc. No one wants his or her photo disgusting to look at. Photo editing can be compared to makeup. It looks a person very simple before makeup but an artist can give a gorgeous look to that simple person after makeup. In the same way photo editing can make the worst photo looks better editing the color combination, brightness, excellent background, sharpness etc. Photo editing is very much important, especially for online business. If the photo of the product is not good nobody shows interest in it. You have to represent the product aristocracy through a good photo. We have lots of experienced graphic designers who can edit all type of your photo and can give an aristocratic look on it. If you need to edit photo for your wedding event photo, business photo or any other photo just contact us and we will do the best for your photo. Do not spoil your photo editing from so-called organizations. We are one of the best in this sector and we deliver your satisfaction.


The facts about clipping path are not clear for many of you. The word is normally new for those who do not know about the designing. Clipping path is mainly an important tool for graphics. Mainly erasing any part of a picture selecting the part by this tool Basically, with the help of this tool the designer do the task like selecting a part of a picture to remove or edit it, removing the background, creating a new background and background design etc. though it is tiny in size the task of this tool is wide in designing. Often we take a picture in a place that the background of it does not look good so it becomes necessary to remove the background. Suppose you have clicked a picture in a cropland then using the clipping path the picture can be edited like that you are standing in front of a snow hill. The necessity of clipping path is mandatory for beautifying the picture. Our professional designers are expert in using clipping path. They will design you all the beautiful backgrounds keeping the relevancy of the photo. To make your picture background more beautiful you should get our service.


The task regarding stationary design is normally done for the offline business. We are not staying behind in this service also. We provide all sorts of service related to design. The stationary task can be divided into some parts. Here are the separate details which will help you to take decision easily.

  • Visiting card: Visiting card is the identity of your business. This is a very common marketing strategy. Though it is small in size it plays an important role. The brand or business name get spread through a lot of people by this visiting card. 2*3 sized this paper does not deserve any avoidance. You can promote your service and provide address and contact information by visiting card with a little cost. So the design of the visiting card should be gorgeous as it has a lot of roles. If the design is good then it will be able to capture the public interest and people will not throw it away. We design visiting card with great expertise. Our designing visiting card looks attractive because of beautiful design and color combination.

  • Banner: A lot of big sized banner are there on the roads nowadays. The use of banner is eye capturing now. In the past artists were used to make the banner. But now it gets printed on the digital plotter in this modern age. That is why it is necessary to design banner. If the design of the banner is beautiful then it attracts public attention. We design the banner with our great expertise using our creativity.

  • Leaflet: Leaflet is a good media for advertisement yet. The leaflet is very much necessary for offline business. Printing leaflet without designs is not even imaginable. To make the leaflet beautiful it is necessary to have a good design. We will provide you the best-designed leaflet. Come to our office for designing your leaflet.

  • Company pad: Many do not give value to the company pad. They normally complete the task by printing. But the company pad silently spreads your business. Many people can get to know about your business through company pad. Illustration design is necessary for designing the logo, slogan, service etc. in the background of the company pad. We design company pad with the best expertise.


Let us give you a short idea about how we deliver our services, how we complete our task. It will make you understand clearly why we are ahead of others.

  • Express delivery: Completing our task we deliver our service in real quick after getting the order from the clients. We do not loiter the delivery time and are unwilling in wasting the valuable time of the clients. We try our best to deliver our service to the clients before the deadline.

  • Confession: We accept our fault if we fail to deliver timely or our work is not up to the expectation which satisfies clients.

  • Creative designer: All of our designers are highly experienced and creative in graphic design. They can develop anything with their talent and creativity. They best utilize their expertise in completing the task of any clients.

  • Communication and update information: We do not stop communicating in the name of our working pressure rather, we manage our time to communicate regularly and provide updates on the work progress. It clarifies the clients about the work satisfaction and other thing related to delivery time.

  • Work with responsibility: We are very responsible in our work. We value all the task of the client thinking as our own task. Our responsibilities do not come to an end just after finishing the task like others. Rather, we watch out how our customers could get the best use of it after receiving our services.

If you have any other questions, please contact us