Search Engine Optimization

CreativeTechzone has a team of experienced search engine optimization team. Our expert team will reach your page on the first page of the search engine since staying at the first page ensures huge visitors to your site. Now the question is why your page needs to place on the first page? Well, the search engine shows only the first 10 websites results on the first page and the next 10 websites on the next page and the next results continues in this way. So when people search anything they only visit the website shown on the first page they do not have much time to view on the next page if they get their desired information in the first search. That is why the easiest answer to the question is if you want to get more visitors to your site you need to stay on the first page. The search engine would not take your webpage on the first page randomly. Some tactics are required for this and using these tactics the process of placing your page on the first page is called search engine optimization or SEO. It requires a long-term planning for SEO and the results start to come after a few months. We will place your website on the first page of the giant search engine like Google, Yahoo, and Bing and so on performing the right SEO. Hence you will get huge numbers of visitors from search engine. Similarly, we provide proper suggestions about which keyword you should use to make your website and how you would earn much money. So use our search engine optimization service if you want to make more money doing blogging and or affiliate marketing.


Search engine optimization is a widespread sector and has many sub-sectors. To reach on the first page of the search engine you need to implement all the possible techniques. Let us have a look at the features of SEO:


All the activities performed inside of your website are called on-page SEO. We work on your website in a way so that the search engine can index your site easily. Available services of our on-page SEO are following:

  • Webmaster tools utilization

  • Crawler bot submitting

  • Sitemap creating

  • Key-word matching

  • Search engine friendly URL suggestion

  • Proper content selection


Activities performed outside of your own website are called off-page SEO. Off-page SEO is very important is the sector of SEO. The advancement of your website depends mostly on this. We have all services about off-page SEO to place your website on the first page of search result. All the services of this section are following:

  • Link building

  • Keyword research

  • Directory submission

  • Article submission

  • Blog/forum commenting

  • Forum posting

  • Press release

  • Competitor analysis

  • Backlink


Page rank is essential for the search engine. The search engine gives priority to Google page rank and Alexa traffic rank. We are always alarmed to increase the rank of the website of our clients as we believe a smiling face of our clients is our best satisfaction.


We think the following facts will help you to take your decision easily whether you are going to hire us or not. Here are some samples of how we do our work for SEO.

  • Keyword analysis and research

  • Competitor analysis

  • Profitable keyword suggestions

  • Use of right keyword in contents

  • Search engine friendly design and interface suggestions

  • Supply of high quality and creative contents

  • We work targeting the webpage to place on the first page of search results and complete our target in due time

  • We have the follow-up of your work

We hope you are now well aware of the necessity of SEO. SEO has opened the door of income for many people. If you want to get your website on the first page of the search engine just call us and keep yourself stress-free.

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