Software Development

Once in Bangladesh, IT industry was supposed to mean only web developing and some tasks regarding graphics. But the time has changed a lot now. A lot of software firm has been established in Bangladesh. The young creative and energetic software engineers have been developing and exporting all the creative software in different countries nowadays. Following that trend, CreativeTechzone has introduced software development services along with all other services. We develop any sort of software for you with our experienced programmers. We have the specialist team for developing software. Our experienced and professional team can develop your any type of software according to your demand.

The tradition of calculating your account in black and white is now a long past because there is always a risk of losing the paper any time or spoiling the writing for any reason. At present the trend of keeping your business calculation is computerized. You do not need to visit physically to the offices anymore to get your account calculations clearly rather you are being able to know all the updates of your business sitting your home using the internet. Using our software service you will be able to know the daily sales data, profit, stock, cash flow etc. besides this you will also be able to know how much your employees are active to your work getting our software service. In reality, the use of software has been eased the business activities and accelerated the business flow. Not only is business software is as well in use of the task of database management. CreativeTechzone has been providing different types of software including ERP, inventory, and shop management along with other necessary software with the reputation. To give your business an accelerating move you can consider us willfully for any sort of your software development services.


We usually develop various types of software. Before using our service you just make sure that what type of software you are in need of. Though we provide the best consult according to your requirements. Here are some features of our software services which will help you to take decision easily.


We need to keep accounts for business purposes especially for those who have medium to large startups are always in need of a considerable number of accountants for managing accounting task. Instead of using the traditional accounting system, it is more time saving and easy way to manage all the account with the use of accounting software. We develop accounting software for you so you can manage the hassle easily. You just need to input the data correctly and the rest of the calculations will be done by the software system. You can be able to calculate your daily sales, profits, expenses, monthly net profits etc. easily using our software. Our well-developed software is capable enough to manage your all the accounting tasks and demands. We have already developed good numbers of accounting software for some renowned organizations and all of them are satisfied with our software performance. You are very much welcome to contact us without any hesitation if you need any accounting software for your business.


HRM or human resource management is so much important for business. The HR personnel runs your business. They can be turned into a great asset for your company if you can manage the best use of their ability. You can easily note down the activities of the employees of your company using the human resource management software. You can make a database for calculating salary, working hours, performance, holiday etc with the software. Using the software you can detect if any of your workers play false to your work. Now you get it well about the necessity of having human resource management software for your business. If you have a medium or a large business then it is the high time to use our software for getting the magical result of your business.


The best part of the business is sales. Your all business arrangement will spoil if you do not have sales in your business. The more the sale is, the more the profit in any business. Despite making the profit, no one is eager to run any business if he or she all goes with a loss in the business. Do you know? You can even also increase your sales using the software. So, you might not hear this sort of talking before and that is why you do not know it. It can be captured targeted customers using POS software. This software will provide you information related to your target customer indications for your business collecting all the related business data from different sources. It will let you set the sales target easily. You are now might wishing to use this type of software after getting to know a lot about it. If your condition is something like that then what are you waiting for just grab the POS software from CreativeTechzone. We are specially trained in developing this software.


Sales can be considered as the heart of marketing. Marketing plays a great role in generating sales. It requires making a long-term planning for marketing. Besides POS software, SMS marketing and email marketing is also very effective for sales target. Our marketing software will reach your products to the targeted customers through SMS and email. To become successful in marketing use the marketing software developed by CreativeTechzone with free of worry.


Lots of you are familiar with this software because many of you have already used it. This software is very much effective for business purposes. Too much of words about this software are not again necessary here as you all already know a lot about it. Most of the software company of Bangladesh has this software. We would not say that only we are the best in inventory software but we would recommend you to try our inventory software at least once. After that, you will able to figure it out why you should try our software.


SEO is so much important for those of you who earn money by blogging. It requires SEO task to place the site on the first page of search engine. SEO or search engine optimization is a matter of wide facts. How about doing the main SEO related task with only single software. Though it sounds unbelievable you can research keyword, check Google page ranking, share articles on social media platforms and so on using our SEO software. You would not need to work hard and visit different places for your SEO task. You will get all in one in our software.


Garments products are our prime exporting goods. The wheel of our economy standing based on the garments industry. The clothes of our country are garnishing the people of Europe, America and other countries around the world. Garment means a lot of working in the different sector. It is impossible to handle all these works traditionally. That is why we have brought garment ERP suite to make your work easier. You will be able to distribute the works to your employees according to your planning using our software. You have also the option of customizing according to your wish. This software will ease a lot of your garments works. If you are a garment businessman then you must try our software.


This software is very much important especially for those who have the export-import business. Using this software you can easily handle international buyers or sellers. You will be able to maintain all the accounts flawlessly containing production data, packaging calculation, LC, shipment, raw materials data, wastage data etc. by this software. We have designed this software for doing international business. Our commercial software will meet all your demand related to export-import business. You can make a business invoice with this software. In total words, you will get all your necessities for maintaining your international business in this software. To give an accelerating move to your export-import business you can give our software a try.


You will get the clear view about us from the following facts why we are specialized in software development and what is our specialty.

  • Business-friendly software

  • No advertisement

  • No advertisement

  • User-friendly and no complexity

  • Developed by expert coder

  • No fear of leaking data from software, everything is secured

  • Dedicated support team who are always ready to solve any issue

  • Attractive design

  • After sales service monitoring

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